Project Description

Easy Parking, a valet parking service provider in the Dominican Republic, approached me in 2015 with a clear vision for their brand identity. They were seeking a logo that was not only simple but also distinctive, reflecting their core values of energy, excitement, and confidence. Additionally, the client emphasized the importance of using the color orange to set themselves apart from their competitors. This project was an exciting collaboration, with both the client and our team fully engaged in the creative process.

Creative Vision

Simplicity: The core idea was to create a logo that conveyed ease and simplicity, reflecting the brand’s commitment to hassle-free parking solutions.

Orange Dominance: Orange was chosen as the primary color to infuse the logo with a sense of energy, excitement, and confidence, setting it apart from competitors who predominantly used other colors.

Collaborative Spirit: The client’s active involvement in the design process, with a collaboration level of 200%, ensured that the final design truly represented Easy Parking’s vision.


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