Project Description:

In 2012, I had the honor of conceptualizing and designing the official police patch for the Upper Macungie Township Police Department while working with Keenan Nagle Advertising Inc. This project was not just about creating a visual symbol; it was about encapsulating the spirit, values, and heritage of the Upper Macungie Township.

Design Significance:

The patch, shaped as a shield, represents the police’s commitment to protecting the public. Its calming French Blue color is a nod to the traditional symbolism associated with police forces. Central to the design is the Seal of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, signifying the state’s authority and the police department’s alignment with state principles.

Within the state seal, key symbols like a ship, a plow, and sheaves of wheat highlight the importance of commerce, labor, perseverance, and agriculture to the region. An eagle atop the shield reinforces the state’s sovereignty and the American spirit of patriotism.

The inclusion of a barn and farm fields in the design pays homage to Upper Macungie Township’s rich agricultural history and its dedication to maintaining open spaces, parks, and recreation areas. This element of the design underscores the department’s connection to its community and its natural surroundings.

The patch design embodies the Upper Macungie Township Police Department’s foundational principle of being committed to service, ensuring that the officers not only protect but also serve the community with professionalism and dedication.


This badge is a daily reminder for the officers of their duty and commitment and a symbol of safety and service for the residents and visitors of Upper Macungie Township. It represents a fusion of tradition, duty, and community values, ensuring that the police force remains connected to the people it serves.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Keenan Nagle and the Upper Macungie Police Department for entrusting me with the opportunity to actualize this concept. Your collaboration and support were instrumental in transforming this vision into a reality.

Edgardo Colon - Upper Macungie Police Department

Masterful Job!


“Ruben just a masterful job on the new design. Everyone loves it. Thank you!”

Edgardo Colon - Upper Macungie Police Department

Chief Officer


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